This problem _could_ be legitimate ...

I sometimes have a similar problem: When I'm travelling and access the
Net via, say, a Norwegian provider, but send emails with the "From" and
"Reply-to" headers set to my home domain address, certain
emails never get to the intended recipients.

Hotmail users in particular never receive my mails. My guess is that
hotmail does a reverse-lookup on the address and refuses it if it is
different (but I'm open to other suggestions!).

So I got past that by using the server which hosts my domains as a SMTP
relay. Then all my mails get through. (I did have to use a different
port and SMTP AUTH because some providers redirect all outgoing port
25 traffic to their own servers - not necessarily a bad thing as some
have virus filters etc. in place).

How about setting up a mail relay server in the country you're
supposed to be in. Then, according to your message below, you would
have no need to hide the IP address of your main server.


Tuesday, February 18, 2003, 5:16:52 PM, you wrote:

bac> To clear up some judgement that are being made, the hiding of my IP is
bac> purely a protective measure NOT to send bulk email. My employer deals one on
bac> one with clients, however when the IP is displayed it identifies which
bac> country he is operating from and some of his agreements state that he must
bac> reside in a particular country to participate.

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