On Wednesday, February 19, 2003, at 08:33  PM, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

Anyone? There must be some developmental work going on with it or it
wouldn't have been in the tarball. I am willing to help work on it but I
need some help getting over this initial hurdle (cleanly).
Nice, responsive list. :-/

Attached is a patch to 5.3.16 which will get vpgsql to actually work (seems to
work right for auth and relay, have NOT extensively tested it yet) -- I have
not included the configure script changes since they were really nasty and
I'm sure there is a better way.

ATM the database, user and password are all hardcoded, and I did not change
the existing ability to create the database if it doesn't already exist.
That seems like a really nasty thing to allow -- basically you are granting
the vpopmail database user full access to the vpopmail table where it would
seem more prudent to only allow inserts, updates and deletes. (not
create/drop). Anyway.

Another nasty is that the database notification daemon will spit its info out
to the network (i.e. anyone accessing vchkpw) -- I will include a fix for
that soon as well as some general cleanups and any other bus I find.

I hope to do some more extensive testing, including clear passwords and open
relay in the next few days. Adding domains/users and authenticating
definately is working though, and the tables seem to be updating correctly
for relay and lastauth.

Are you sure this diff is against 5.3.16? It does not apply to my copy, or the one on Inter7's devel page (which should be the same).


Bill Shupp

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