Hello all,
I am trying to get qmail, vqamin, and vpopmail set up and
have run into some troubles.  I have "large" questions
that I need to ask to help me be able to troubleshoot my
1. I am using mysql.  When I install vpopmail, is it
supposed to create some tables in the "vpopmail" database
when I run "./configure [ options ] ; make; make
install"?  I am under the impression that it is supposed
2. When I "./configure" vpopmail, I have chosen not to
enable a default domain (because when I did, vchkpw
always assumed the user was of this domain).  Does this
that users will be stored in the vpopmail.users table?

3. I have a domain that I am trying to delete via vqadmin
but cannot (the web page tells me "Failed").  I have
removed this domain's table from mysql, I have removed
this domain from rcpthosts and localdomains.  What I really
want to do is delete this domain and re-add it.  Where else
do I need to remove the presense of this domain?

I appreciate any help that can be offered.

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