>          Hi,
>           Iīm migrating from a Sendmail plataform to Qmail + Vpopmail,
>and I have an extensive list of users and domains hosted in my server. I
>donīt want to make all this users to change their passwords. There is a
>way to import my /etc/passwd list of users and my /etc/master.password
>list of encrypted passwords to vpopmail format (either cdb or mysql)?

You could compile vpopmail with mysql and MD5 support and then run a script
on your /etc/shadow file to dump all of the usernames and passwords to the
vpopmail database. Or you could enable learned passwords in vpopmail and
just dump your usernames with empty  passwords to the vpopmail database so
when each user pops in, their password is written to the database that way.
I used a combination of the two. It was fairly seamless.

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