I'm having a bit of difficulty with vpopmail 5.2.1 and aliases in a
particular circumstance.  I've done some hunting in the archives and even
taken a cursory look at the source, but so far have come up empty handed.

When mailing people in your address book from MS Outlook (not Express) it's
compulsively wanting to put (E-mail) after everyone's real name.. so a To:
header in a message winds up looking like

To: "Some Jerk (E-Mail)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

It's annoying and stupid, but in and of it's self is liveable.  However,
where I'm running into problems is anytime a message sent to our domain with
such a header gets processed via a vpopmail alias, vdelivermail seems to be
escaping the ()'s with backslashes;  The delivered mail now has a header
that looks like:

To: "Some Jerk \(E-Mail\)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

This in and of it's self may or may not be bad, but it's definately
undesireable when it comes to IMP, which when trying to reply to such a
message escapes the \ and winds up with two, and then fails to properly send
the mail - but thats a totally separate problem.. but I'm trying to solve
this at the root first and then figure out what IMP's problem is.

Anyway, this does not happen in normal mail handled by vdelivermail, only if
it gets run through an alias.  If such a message comes into the system sent
to both a regular vpopmail user and an alias, the qmail logs show two
deliveries;  One to the virtual user and the alias, and then another for the
resolution of the alias (with the appropriate note about the valias being
processed.)  The plain virtual user gets the message with (E-Mail), but the
virtual user resolved by the alias gets \(E-Mail\).  I've verified that this
is happening on the delivery end and narrowed it down to vpopmail, as doing
a 'recordio' on the qmail-smtpd session shows the header with no escaped
()'s.. so it's got to be vdelivermail doing something to the headers.

So in the end..  1) Why is this happening?  2) How can I fix it? :)

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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