On Thursday 20 February 2003 18:44, Bill Shupp wrote:
> Ken, All:
> Sorry to do a second release in one day, but I had missed Brian's new
> virtual domain quota code for 5.3.17.  Anyway, I've tested it, and it
> looks good from here.  Please help test:
> Download:
> http://shupp.org/patches/vpopmail-5.3.18.tar.gz


Maybe this would be a good time to ask this question (I've
asked it once before, but never got an answer):

How does the development/production releas process work here?

When does inter7 release a new production version?

Is there back porting involved? Or does inter7 one day say,
"hey, I think we should release a new production release!"

Info greatly appreciated.



> ChangeLog:
> http://shupp.org/patches/vpopmail-ChangeLog
> Cheers,
> Bill Shupp

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