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> Ahh, good catch.  I increased limits table structure to about twice 
> its original size, (more items added) and since my table already existed, 
> I didn't encounter the buffer overflow.
> Since the original create failed, you'll need to delete and
> add the domain again to get the row added to the table.
> I guess another limit we can add would be Rick's request
> for a monthly bandwidth limitation per domain (or user?).

I was thinking user.. In my own environment, I use Isoqlog to watch domains, but
users aren't 'summed' up by month.

I figured (note, I haven't actually looked at the code ;) maildirsize.* could be
copied to bandwidthsize.*, trimmed (we don't need directories), and a date added.

I only mentioned it first, because I saw the 'naughty' word in vdelivermail.c,
and I figured I'd 'air' my quota thoughts :)   Not that I'm a prude or anything,
most of my first applications' variable names consisted of f**kthis,f**that...
Yes, those were real var names :)  Good thing those were small programs.  I
stopped doing that after one of the 'real' programmers (I'm a network guy), told
me he used a 'choice phrase' for a 'This should never happen' message, and a
client managed to create that error.. whoops.

Sorry.. very babbly today.. must go socialize with adults :)


> Brian
>   > solved.
>   > 
>   > increasing vmysql.c:   SQL_BUF_SIZE  to 2000 fixed it.
>   > 
>   > however i do get 
>   > delivery 6: success: 
>   > vnysql:_can't_find_limits_for_domain_'test.com'/did_0+0+1/
>   > 
>   > 
>   > (with a type in it too..   vnysql => vmysql)
>   > 
>   > shouldn't it add some defaults when calling vadddomain ?
>   > 
>   > -- 
>   > Best Regards,
>   > Justin
>   > 

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