I agree with that it would make life alot easier to integrate other
web-based email apps.  I currently use vpopmail with a mysql backend and
have compiled in the valias support.  This works great except that if I
use qmailadmin I loose the valias(mysql) support as it only creates a
.qmail file in the users Maildir. Having the ability to integrate the
functionality of qmailadmin into what ever web front-end that you wish
using the lang. of your choice would be great.

On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 13:03, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Greetings list,
> I'm sure people have considered this before, but I'd like to collect everyone's 
> thoughts on the idea I'm about to present:
> VPopMail as a daemon
> --------------------
> What does everyone think about the possibility of turning vpopmail into a daemon? 
> Complete with network ports and the like. It would
> allow for a much more distributed architecture, IMHO.
> Currently, if someone wants to run qmailadmin on a separate web server, they have to 
> create an NFS share, right?
> Wouldn't it make a lot of sense to provide a vpopmail network protocol that allows 
> connections from remote administrative utilities?
> Possibly even implement support for vpopmail clusters (although I'm thinking you'd 
> have to have a crazy amount of users to need a
> cluster! Vpopmail is pretty darn efficient.)
> Administrative programs like qmailadmin and vqadmin would benefit by not having to 
> be run on the primary mail server, but I highly
> doubt that the majority of web traffic comes from the admin CGIs.
> Programs like sqwebmail would benefit by not having to be recompiled every time 
> vpopmail is upgraded. The port protocol wouldn't
> change much between versions, and developers could maintain backward compatibility.
> Sqwebmail WOULDN'T be able to run on a separate server, as it accesses maildirs 
> directly, but at least administration, upgrades, and
> general package stability would likely improve a bit.
> Who knows. One might even be able to implement a maildir access protocol. But that 
> would probably just duplicate the functionality
> of the IMAP protocol.
> Can anyone else think of a good reason why vpopmail might benefit from being made 
> into a daemon?
> Can anyone think of a really good reason why it shouldn't? (Other than the time it 
> would take to code everything.)
> I'm just thinking aloud here, but I'd like to hear everyone's ideas on the matter.
> Thanks,
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