On Sunday 23 February 2003 19:26, Ron Culler wrote:
> I agree with that it would make life alot easier to integrate other
> web-based email apps.  I currently use vpopmail with a mysql backend and
> have compiled in the valias support.  This works great except that if I
> use qmailadmin I loose the valias(mysql) support as it only creates a
> .qmail file in the users Maildir. Having the ability to integrate the
> functionality of qmailadmin into what ever web front-end that you wish
> using the lang. of your choice would be great.

i've just started writing something similar to the daemon of vmailmgr. it 
would allow you to add/modify/delete domains, users, aliases..

the reason why i'm doing this, is simply:
i want to do all these things from my php frontend. AND: it do _not_ want to 
run apache as vpopmail user.
until now i've accomplished this by writing to a "jobs" mysql table and read 
this every 30 minutes from a cron job running as vpopmail user.

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