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> Like I said before, we already have the daemons.  That's
> qmail-smtpd, authdaemond, and the POP & IMAP daemons.  The only
> thing left is the admin stuff, which is where I worry about security.

I was under the impression that authdaemond doesn't work very well with vpopmail. We 
constantly have to tell people to disable it on
the sqwebmail list.


> If you dislike NFS, then why did you go with qmail to begin with?
> That was the target for qmail.  To use NFS without file locking.  In
> any case, you still can easily get by without NFS, but replace it
> with a webserver and/or sshd.

I don't think that's a fair statement. Qmail is a great alternative to sendmail even 
without NFS.

>   >
>   > Also, I'll note here that I don't yet have need for a cluster, and have
> never implemented/used a vpopmail+NFS cluster. Therefore, I
>   > realize that vpopmail+NFS may very well be an excellent solution, and that I
> may just have an incorrect idea in my head regarding
>   > the speed and overhead that is required to run NFS.
> There have been *many* improvements to NFS.  The latest is very feature
> rich, has hooks for security, etc.  NFS is a good thing, especially
> if you start looking at the alternatives (i.e. NetBIOS).

OK. Again, I admit lack of experience here. But, it still seems like a vpopmail 
specific protocol would be faster than transfering
and modifying files over NFS. Does everyone really think that NFS would be faster?

Thanks for the reply.


> Brian
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