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> If you dislike NFS, then why did you go with qmail to begin with?
> That was the target for qmail.  To use NFS without file locking.

I hope this never reaches djb since I'm 100% sure he never
thougth qmail to be designed for "Network Failure System"... :-)

he didn' t design qmail for NFS. however, he designed Maildir specifically for NFS, and it's an integral part of qmail.

qmail and NFS play together in harmony. production systems I built back in 1998 are still up and running (though i no longer work for that company), running qmail on dual Sun E4500's, behind redundant Big/IP's, with the filestore on clustered Netapps, NFS mounted over gigabit to the E4500's. still running like a top. NFS has come a long way since qmail 0.91 was released back in 1996.

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