Robin, if it's up for a vote, I'll second your motion!

I don't plan on changing my MySQL params very often, but I'm _certain_ that I'll 
forget to update vmysql.h during a recompile and I'll foobar my Vpopmail.

Perhaps we could just cobble together a helper perl script to query for and rewrite 
the vmysql.h params as part of the compile script(s) you use.

Without a lot of other "me too" votes, is there interest from the vpopmail team in 
having this idea go a particular direction (into config/make or external perl)?  Is 
this even the appropriate venue to ask???


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From: "Robin Bowes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:50:23 -0000 (GMT)

>I currently use a script to build vpopmail to mame sure I keep the same
>configure options:
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] tarballs]# cat
>./configure \
> --enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcprules.d/qmail-smtpd \
> --enable-logging=e \
> --enable-log-name=vpopmail \
> \
> --enable-file-sync=n \
> --enable-auth-logging=y \
> --enable-qmail-ext=y \
> --enable-clear-passwd=y \
> --enable-valias=y \
> --enable-roaming-users=y \
> --enable-mysql=y \
> && make \
> && make install-strip
>I keep this in /home/tarballs along with my vpopmail tarballs:
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] tarballs]# ls -d vpopmail*
>vpopmail-5.2.1.tar.gz   vpopmail-5.3.16.tar.gz
>vpopmail-5.3.12.tar.gz  vpopmail-5.3.7.tar.gz
>vpopmail-5.3.16         vpopmail-5.3.9.tar.gz
>If I need to build vpopmail (any version), I so the following:
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] tarballs]# tar zxf vpopmail-5.3.12.tar.gz
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] tarballs]# cd vpopmail-5.3.12
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] vpopmail-5.3.12]# ../
>creating cache ./config.cache
>checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
>checking whether build environment is sane... yes
>This worked perfectly until I enabled MySQL support. Now I must edit
>vmysql.h to include the server/user/password for mysql.
>Would it be possible to add in a few options for configure to supply these
>values on the command line, e.g.:
>./configure \
> --with-mysql-update-server=servername \
> --with-mysql-update-user=username \
> --with-mysql-update-password=password \
> --with-mysql-read-server=servername \
> --with-mysql-read-user=username \
> --with-mysql-read-password=password
>The "--with-mysql-read-*" options could be optional, i.e. use the update
>server values if the read server is not present.
>I'd hack this myself, but I'm afraid I know little about writing configure
>Robin Bowes |


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