On Tuesday 25 February 2003 02:56, Dave Weiner wrote:
> On Sunday 23 February 2003 21:56, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> > OK. Again, I admit lack of experience here. But, it still seems like a
> > vpopmail specific protocol would be faster than transfering and modifying
> > files over NFS. Does everyone really think that NFS would be faster?
> First off, I've designed and built 2 different qmail+vpopmail clusters,
> using different platforms (Sun and Linux), both using NFS (EMC and
> RaidZone), and they both work like champs.

OK. So, you don't think that a vpopmail specific protocol would save a little

If that is everyone's general conception, then: ok. Works for me.

Thanks for the feedback people!


> Ok, as to your question.  NFS is optimized for sending the data for the
> network and writing it to disk, or reading the data from disk and pushing
> it back out.  Your vpopmail daemon would have to do the same thing --
> accept the message via a network port and then write it to the disk. 
> Sounds a lot like NFS to me.  Why not go with the mature protocol?
> > Thanks for the reply.
> >
> > Jesse

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