Steve, the SMTP-AUTH functionality is added to qmail as a patch.  With SMTP-AUTH and 
VPOPmail, you are able to authenticate virtual domain users into a _temporary_ mode to 
run your system as a relay based upon their IP being added by VPOPmail into a "table" 
of recently authenticated IPs.  This IP list expires fairly quickly and only makes 
eligible those hosts who have authenticated.  Your system is never a fully open relay. 
 Qmail's rules about locals, rcpthosts, etc are always obeyed by qmail.  Vpopmail adds 
the IPs to a faked holding table of auth'd ips (oversimplification???)

Read up on the SMTP-AUTH patch, you'll get the hang of it.  Vpopmail rocks for serving 
virtual domains.  Squirrelmail can be applied really easily to a working vpopmail 
implementation - and it doesn't change anything about your relay settings (to my 
limited knowledge).

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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:20:31 -0500

>i'm trying to configure my vpopmail + squirrelmail + qmail to not be an open
>relay.  The only way i've found to control this is put restricted domains in
>the rcptshosts file.  A concept of popb4smtp seems to be slipping through my
>fingers.  I've read the /usr/local/vpopmail/docs switches.  From the doc's,
>it will dynamically add the user so they can relay.
>--enable-roaming-users=y \
>Once I tried to implement.   When I test this concept out, its an open
>relay.  What am I missing?  Once frustrated newbie!
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