> On Wednesday 26 February 2003 17:33, Brian Kolaci wrote:
  > > using vadduser not only adds the row to the table, but
  > > creates the directory structure for vdelivermail to put
  > > mail into.  It also encrypts the password field.  So
  > > you should either use the vadduser program or the vpopmail
  > > vadduser() API routine.
  > well.. not really. vchkpw for example creates the maildir, if it's missing, 
  > and so does vdelivermail.
  > so if you just want to _create_ users by adding them to the mysql table, 
  > is just fine.
  > just if you want to delete the users thas way, it will keep their Maildirs 
  > place.

Didn't know the recovery code was there.  That's great.
I've had instances in my old version where it wouldn't deliver
mail because the maildir was missing, but now that I think about it,
I haven't seen that problem for awhile.



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