This vpopmail-5.2.1-r4.ebuild everything is default nothing special, I
have it working on numerous other servers with not a single problem. It'
s just the newest mailserver I have built that I am having this problem
on. I can send myself email and recieve it. I can remove the relay
table, check my email and it readds it but, it continues to stay empty.


On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 20:08, Justin Heesemann wrote:
> On Thursday 27 February 2003 01:26, bob ketterhagen wrote:
> > Howdy,
> >
> > I have spent all day trying to figure out why my relay table in the
> > vpopmail database is empty. I have previously had this same setup in
> > gentoo a few months ago and never had a single problem. Currently I have
> > rebuilt checked and rebuilt everything numerous time even from scratch
> > and my database continues to stay empty. If i manually add the ip_addr
> > and timestamp it works fine but it is not working properly like
> > everyother server I have with this setup. I can't even isolate whether
> > it is courier-imap or vpopmail. If anyone would like to enlighten me on
> > what exactly my problem is that would be wonderful.
> well .. you can. just stop courier-imap and try to authentificate via pop3 (or 
> keep courier running.. shouldn't matter)
> so now that we do know, that it's vpopmails fault, it would be very nice if 
> you told us the vpopmail configuration string (or is it the 
> vpopmail-5.2.1-r4.ebuild ? still.. many list members don't use gentoo)
> and your /service/qmail-pop3d/run  file would be nice too :)
> >
> > I am using courier-imap 1.7.0 and vpopmail 5.2.1.

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