Hi all...

I have installed:

gentoo + qmail + qmail-scanner + vpop + mysql + courier-imap + squirrellmail.

All it's working fine, only "quota" indicate a value every day greater..

I ask myself if yet of I number indicated everything works well??

QUOTA it's really functional in vpop (5.2.1)???

And be the other said, i have squirrellmail with courier-imap, and again, i 
question QUOTA of vpop, courier, squirellmail+qmail-scaner (with spamassasin) 
en every other; It's posible work with a real QUOTA (by linux) with VPOP to 
really use the space correspondig to the specific user's???? 

It is, only in your directory work imap, squirell, mails of qmail, and all 
other information???


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