ill try better describe situation.|

on i make virtual server for local mail but
how to make to send mail to realusers from real ?

on exists users aka [EMAIL PROTECTED] and he has mailbox
also [EMAIL PROTECTED] , on server he has made mailbox and
its forwarding all mails from and to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  what I have to do is make that if someone from send mail to adres [EMAIL PROTECTED] mail will not travel
to and then back to .edu coz we pay for this line huge
amount of money ;((, just round in circle and get to mailbox
[EMAIL PROTECTED] another problem is that on are jus few users with mail .de, its not full copy of all
users from I dont have access to

one solution is redirect all unrecognized mail to some user
and use some other program to monitor his queue and push all files to
smpt server on,
second i found that in .qmail-default is delivering to some address
but i cant set it to '' [EMAIL PROTECTED] because it goes to loop
uff, any help ? pliiiiz ;)))



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