I'm playing with this the whole day, but just discovered:

> Both qmailadmin than vqadmin web interfaces are working, I
> can log in, create new domains, add new users...
> The problem is with MUAs... I can send messages, but I
> can't get them... if I telnet port 110, and issue:
> pass thepassword
> retr 1
> retr 2
> quit
> I see the messages, but if I use Outlook Express, Mozilla
> Mail, it gives me timeout... and with IMP web mail I just
> see 2 lines with 'Subject: nosubject', 'Length: 0'...  :-(

Aham! I found the problem who is causing this... :-)

Debian 'qmail-src' package already comes with some patches
applied. The one who gives me all this headache is:

=> netscape-progress.patch

It was adding message size before header 'Return-Path':


I don't know if this is the expected behavior to this path.
Anyway it isn't important to me... :-)

> ...
> manage Aliased to alias
> orphanag Aliased to alias
> warning Aliased to alias
> webmaste Aliased to alias
> Note users without last char. Also I don't know from
> where come these alias... :-)

This continues a mystery to me... :-(

> A last one: in qmail log, after delivery a message to
> a maildir, I have:
> <timestamp> delivery XX: success: 
> vnysql:_can't_find_limits_for_domain_'test.com'/did_0+0+1/
> Obviously, my 'limits' mysql table is empty. I have the
> feeling that this is the main reason of my problems...

And this is what I will debug this night... :-)



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