Sorry it took so long.  Work kept getting in the way.  Here's a link to my
PostgreSQL files that I'm currently using in production.  I've also included
the stuff that Nels provided so I could compile it in using configure.
Hopefully you can work it into something for the next development build.
Things have been a little quieter the last couple days.  I should have time
to test as well.

The 16k file contains all I *think* you need to make it work.  Just in case,
I've included a compressed and uncompressed directory structure of my build


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> I've read some previous messages in the archive, regarding the 
> possibility of using PostgreSQL as a vpopmail backend. I hate to admit 
> it, I haven't understood a thing. Is the vpgsql module active by 
> default ? There's no ./configure argument for that, as in MySQL's 
> case. I really can't find my way through this. Would anyone be so kind 
> to provide me with a little howto on this matter ? Thanks in advance.

You may want to check your computer's date, it's not 1969.

Postgres support is still experimental.  I have been contributing a few 
patches in the last week or so on the latest development builds in order to 
enable it.  

Postgres support's been in there for a long long time, but it was never 
finished nor was it fully functional.  I _think_ I have everything but 
logging done now.  5.3.18 has my code, but you need to hack the makefile to 
get it to work.  5.3.19 should have it enable-able from ./configure.


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