Ok, I'm diving in... but I'm already lost ;)
I thought maybe the code in vlimits.c would be simple enough to use, but I don't
understand how it could work... Maybe it doesn't yet ;)

Anyways, here's an excerpt:

 * vlimits.c
 * handle domain limits in both file format
 * Brian Kolaci <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
#define TOKENS " :\t\n\r"
/* find/read the .qmailadmin-limits file */
int vget_limits(const char *domain, struct vlimits *limits)
    /* open file */
    if ((fs = fopen(dir, "r")) != NULL) {
        while (fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), fs) != NULL) {
            if ((s1 = strtok(buf, TOKENS)) == NULL)

            if (!strcmp(s1, "maxpopaccounts")) {
                if ((s2 = strtok(NULL, TOKENS)) == NULL)
                limits->maxpopaccounts = atoi(s2);

            if (!strcmp(s1, "maxaliases")) {
                if ((s2 = strtok(NULL, TOKENS)) == NULL)
                limits->maxaliases = atoi(s2);

Ok... so I assume the .qmailadmin-limits file looks like:
maxpopaccounts    12
maxaliases        44

I'm trying to understand this..
while not EOF..
if not empty..

so first s1 should be "maxpopacccounts" because fgets ends at \n
But I don't get the strtok().  How can s2 be anything if NULL is being split up
by \t\n\r ?

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