Hi Manish,

On 05 Mar 2003 10:16:38 +0530 Manish Jain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  I have installed qmail+qmailadmin+sqwebmail and assigned OS quota to a
>  user test.Then, I have added a domain using option 
>  -u user (sets the uid/gid based on a user in /etc/passwd) 
>  #./vadddomain -u test xyz.com
>  the command works well and the domain is added into the
>  /home/test/domains directory. But when I login in to
>  qmailadmin/sqwebmail it shows "Invalid Login".
>  Whats wrong?

Do the authenticating modules run as user "root" for having the
permissions to setuid() to user "test"?
The authenticating module needs to be allowed to chdir() to
'~test/domains/xyz.com' and read 'vpasswd.cdb' there for successful

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