Hi zafar,

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003 13:14:23 +0500 "zafar rizvi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> In maillog i am getting that kind of error.. is any body has some idea
> ..
> Mar  5 07:26:46testl vpopmail[4824]: vchkpw: setgid 89 failed errno 1

Yes. And the message is quite clear about the problem.

'vchkpw', the password checking program is not able to change it's GID
to 89 (man setgid *gee, who'd have thought man-pages are useful).

Either you compiled vpopmail with user vpopmail belonging to group with
ID 89 and changed the group id some times later or vchkpw is executed
with a UID not allowed to setgid(89).

First check if vpopmail still belongs to group id 89:

 #> id -g vpopmail

if that outputs '89' check is qmail-popup is started as either user 'root'
or user 'vpopmail'.

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