On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 07:32:01PM +0100, Claudio Nieder wrote:
> when I noticed, and looked up the mailing list archive for a solution I
> found only messages saying, that it has to be this way. Not beeing

   well, i'm no-way convinced by this as well. imho this breaks a lot of
stuff. (Serialmail for example, which relies on the Delivered-To: for
the redelivery of the mail).
imho according to envelopes(5):

   When a message is delivered by qmail to a single local
recipient, qmail-local records the recipient in Delivered-To
and the envelope sender in Return-Path.  It uses Delivered-To to
detect mail forwarding loops.

   so, [EMAIL PROTECTED] clearly is not the reciepient. (maildirsmtp will issue a 
RCPT TO: [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the SMTP conversation, which will lead to a 
Relaying Denied error)

> convinced myself I modified vdelivermail for me. This should be the
> needed patch against vpopmail 5.2.1:

   thank you for the patch, will this patch make it into the vpopmail

thank you & greetz



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