Hi Jonas:
Very thanks for your response.

> > I would like have these two domains into a single computer, but I don't
> > control over the pool's of IP of my clients.
> That means, the IP address of domain1.com or domain2.com can suddenly
> change without notice, or what? I don't understand this.

The pool's IP of my clients is very random and I don't know its value.

> > For this reason  I can't use the option --enable-ip-alias-domain.
> Are there any reasons against the setup of ~vpopmail1 and ~vpopmail2
> with two differently compiled vpopmail installations? You will need two
> qmail-pop3d services then, each using either ~vpopmail1/bin/vchkpw or
> ~vpopmail2/bin/vchkpw.

Yes. I use squirrelmail (webmail client), It need a specific IP for use IMAP
My squirremail is in other machine.
But, I don't understand this configuration, Please. Do you could explain
this to me?

> > Is possible change the vpopmail's source in order make this setup?
> I don't see the need to.
> Jonas

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