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>> > I would like have these two domains into a single computer, but I don't
>> > control over the pool's of IP of my clients.
>> That means, the IP address of domain1.com or domain2.com can suddenly
>> change without notice, or what? I don't understand this.

> The pool's IP of my clients is very random and I don't know its value.

And these IPs don't matter for '--enable-ip-alias-domain'

With '--enable-ip-alias-domain' set you have to keep a mapping file

And if a client connects to '' and gives no domain in login
vpopmail assumes 'domain1.com' should be used.
If a client connects to '' and no domain is given in login
'domain2.com' is assumed to authenticate against.

The IP the client connects to is propagated through an environment
variable tcpserver sets.

So you can compile one vpopmail, without '--default-domain...' and
just have to tell your clients to use the correct server name to
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