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> How do i do limitting the size in e-mail with attachments?

> Per ex.

> I have [EMAIL PROTECTED] i would like limit this user in 1MB to send e-mail with
> attachment per e-mail.

> I have another user [EMAIL PROTECTED] and your limit to send e-mail with
> attachments is 5MB per e-mail.

> This is possible?

In theory? Yes. qmail offers everything necessary. The only thing
you'll have to do is setting environment variable "DATABYTES" to the
appropriate value. The only problem you have to solve is setting this
variable per user, I guess you'll have to modify vchkpw to read a
DATABYTE value from .cdb / DataBase and set the environment variable.
This way qmail-smtpd would know about the limit if run using

If your clients have fixed IPs (really seldom, mostly only in a LAN)
you could set the variable by .cdb file tcpserver makes use of.
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