Very nice work Tonino.

I've taken a look at your patch and I like it. Fortunately for me, last week I moved my last "system users" domain into vpopmail so all my mail domains are virtual. Having done that, I can actually use your patch now. I've build it into my Mail Toaster Mega-Patch (very similar to Bill Shupp's) available at: 2.4.patch

That patch has been extensively used and tested by myself on several very large (70,000+) mail clusters and many hundreds of users who build their mail servers based on my Mail Toaster Recipe:

I have a toaster build script (Perl) now that nearly automates the entire build on FreeBSD systems. However, you can just as easily use it to build a nicely patched qmail install by simply downloading it and running it like this: -a install -s qmail

It'll ask if you want qmail-smtpd-chkusr support and if so, download and apply the appropriate patch.


On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 07:53 AM, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

Hi Eduardo,

my patch basically modifies qmail-smtpd.c code, using vpopmail libraries. So, it may be seen practically in the category "qmail patch", not "vpopmail patch".

As any patch, it may not work if someone applied other patches before, so I don't think it may be right to include it in vpopmail package. vpopmail configure must work 100%, and cannot rely on already patched qmail code.

No problem if someone wants to make it, or Inter7 decides to include it in vpopmail, but I see it troublesome (not because of my patch, but because all the patches that are usually applied on qmail).

All could be competely different if inter7 decides to distribute an extended qmail+vpopmail package. That could help a lot of people, and a lot of patches could be added easily.

Let me know what you think.



P.S. Actually, the installation of the patch is extremely easy, and you may install it also on patched version of qmail (a lot of people asked me and did it). If you have a plain qmail installation, the patch will work in a few minutes.
The patch has been written in a easy and compact way (with a semplified version for Bill's megapatch or other complicated patches) just to help people that use a deeply patched qmail.

At 30/01/03 30/01/03 +0100, Eduardo wrote:
I want to know your opinion about including this patch like an option
(selecting in configure) on vpopmail code. Spammers generate a lot of traffic
of emails to unknown users and server could stop it with this. Performance
seems to be normal. Opinions?

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