A couple hodge-podge ideas...

You could create a robot ("autoresponder") with an address like
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and program-in your stock welcome message.  Then
write a wrapper script for your vadduser that creates the user then sends
a blank email to the robot address, resulting in the welcome message being

Or, write a wrapper script that creates the user and then simply does a
mail -S subject [EMAIL PROTECTED] < welcome.msg (or whatever the syntax
should be).

That's assuming, of course, that there aren't any built-in mechanisms for
this.  :)

>  How would you set a welcome message for every new user? I want a new
> user welcome message
> to be created every time a new acount is created.. Any ideas?
> -John

Benjamin Tomhave, Senior Systems Engineer
Sofast Communications    www.sofast.net

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