On Fri, March 14, 2003 2:24 am, "Dave Weiner" said:
> I've been playing with a squirrelmail plugin to let the user turn
> this all on or off.

I'd be *really* interested in seeing a squirrelmail plugin to do this. I
use squirrelmail filters at the moment and it's pretty sloooooow! I'm
looking into using maildrop instead but I am aware that that would mean
editing .mailfilter files - OK for me but my computer illiterate other
half and 11 year-old daughter might struggle!

Actually, thinking about it, not everybody using vpopmail uses
squirrelmail so this would be better as a separate tool, or possibly
integrated with qmailadmin.

Would it be possible to hack some code from courier into qmailadmin to
manage the maildrop filters?

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