Jesse Guardiani wrote:

>> Actually, thinking about it, not everybody using vpopmail uses
>> squirrelmail so this would be better as a separate tool, or possibly
>> integrated with qmailadmin.
> Not sure if you know this, but sqwebmail already has the ability to
> create filters.

Yes I am, and it's client side filtering, and it's slow.  I much prefere
server side filtering :)

>> Would it be possible to hack some code from courier into qmailadmin
>> to manage the maildrop filters?
> Sure, but I don't think that's a good place for the code. I think a

Personally, I don't think the sqwebmail code for doing maildrop filters is
all that good.  I think Mr. Sam designed the maildrop rule portion of
sqwebmail for people like him (and us) -- sysadmins.  The average user is
just *lost* when the see some of those options.

> PHP script would be much more appropriate for general filter
> creation. I'm surprised no-one has created one yet.
> But, the problem is that you've got to have a way to make sure that
> the filters are letting mail through. Either that, or you've got to
> create your filters in a way that is foolproof (like, making sure the
> folder actually exists before allowing the user to make a filter that
> drops
> mail there. Or, making sure a defunct filter rule is deleted when the
> user deletes a folder in their webmail client.)
> With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to put this functionality
> in the webmail client. (But note that sqwebmail does NOT currently
> delete
> a filter if it's corresponding folder is deleted.)

Correct -- this way, we can get a list of the folders.  I'm not certain if
we can tie into the folder deletion routines of squirrelmail, but we sure as
hell can put the delivery instructions inside "exception { }" so if the
folder does go away, the mail will fall through and get picked up the the
default delivery line :)


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