On Friday 14 March 2003 10:28, Dave Weiner wrote:
> Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> >> Actually, thinking about it, not everybody using vpopmail uses
> >> squirrelmail so this would be better as a separate tool, or possibly
> >> integrated with qmailadmin.
> >
> > Not sure if you know this, but sqwebmail already has the ability to
> > create filters.
> Yes I am, and it's client side filtering, and it's slow.  I much prefere
> server side filtering :)

Huh? sqwebmail uses maildrop. maildrop is server side. What are you talking about?

> >> Would it be possible to hack some code from courier into qmailadmin
> >> to manage the maildrop filters?
> >
> > Sure, but I don't think that's a good place for the code. I think a
> Personally, I don't think the sqwebmail code for doing maildrop filters is
> all that good.

I agree. It stinks. However, it can be improved.

My point was that the code for setting up maildrop filters is in the right
place. It's in sqwebmail, and as such it can be integrated with the setup and
removal of folders in sqwebmail.

But, of coarse, you might run into someone deleting a folder with IMAP.

Maybe a better solution would be to create a simple maildrop rule creation
script that makes use of the exception {} clause. Then, when a filtering
rule becomes defunct, we could display it grayed out or something to visually
show that it's defunct. Or maybe run a cron script that tests and deletes
defunct rules every few days or so.

>  I think Mr. Sam designed the maildrop rule portion of
> sqwebmail for people like him (and us) -- sysadmins.  The average user is
> just *lost* when the see some of those options.
> > PHP script would be much more appropriate for general filter
> > creation. I'm surprised no-one has created one yet.
> >
> > But, the problem is that you've got to have a way to make sure that
> > the filters are letting mail through. Either that, or you've got to
> > create your filters in a way that is foolproof (like, making sure the
> > folder actually exists before allowing the user to make a filter that
> > drops
> > mail there. Or, making sure a defunct filter rule is deleted when the
> > user deletes a folder in their webmail client.)
> >
> > With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to put this functionality
> > in the webmail client. (But note that sqwebmail does NOT currently
> > delete
> > a filter if it's corresponding folder is deleted.)
> Correct -- this way, we can get a list of the folders.  I'm not certain if
> we can tie into the folder deletion routines of squirrelmail,

Don't see why not. You can always write a new API function if it doesn't let
you do it with the current API. The squirrelmail folks aren't likely to spit
in the face of a decent feature.

> but we sure
> as hell can put the delivery instructions inside "exception { }" so if the
> folder does go away, the mail will fall through and get picked up the the
> default delivery line :)
> Dave

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