* Jonas Pasche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-15 07:35]:
> Hi Payal,
> > I am using vpopmail + qmail on a test system. Now for user
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] I want to accept mails only from email addresses given in file
> > accept_only.dat. The rest of the mails from any other email address 
> > should be dropped/deleted without any notice.
> > 
> > Can someone please give on hints on writing such a script?
> man dot-qmail
> man qmail-command
> Should be a simple two-liner .qmail file; the first line with an "|if"
> expression that checks $SENDER against your file and exits with an
> appropriate exit code, and a forward rule to a defined Maildir in the
> second line.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know about .qmail files but the problem how
to *drop* unwanted mails. I can check the mails against a sample.txt
file and if match is found redirect it to ./Maildir/. But how to drop
the mails otherwise?
Also should i just check the From: field or is there anything else I
should check for (against the database, maybe using egrep)

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