"Jason" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> If I'm going to install a couple of mailservers(vpopmail+qmail) and use an
> NFS server for  storage, is the Maildir the only directory that will be
> shared by the mail servers.  I think the tcp.smtp.cdb also needs to be
> shared.  Any others files?

How about sharing ezmlm email list files and aliases which live under
~alias? (/var/qmail/alias)?  If I have a load-balanced cluster, I want
any machine to handle a delivery for any email list.  Mostly this
would be reading addresses from the subdirs, but doesn't ezmlm also do
list cleaning, removing bouncing/dead addrs from the list subscribers?

If I put ~alias on NFS, will multiple boxes doing ezmlm list cleaning
cause corruption? If so, any suggestions -- maybe having the bounce
address go to only one of the smtp replicants so it alone will do the
cleaning?  Others?


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