* Jonas Pasche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-03-16 23:28]:
> > Now I added 2 domains test1 and test2? Do these domains have a default
> > quota?
> No.

Silly question, then I need to reconfigure again. Do I just go the
directory where tar ball is extracted and type make clean?

> > Also can I have domain test1 with say 40Mb quota and domain test2 with
> > 70Mb quota? How to achieve that?
> For now, give each domain a different system user (vadddomain -u ...),
> and give that user a quota.

A question here. These users will also be having their account on the
machine in /home/user and for mails I have to keep their mails on,
Any way I can use their own home directory and give them system quotas
so they can think themselves how much space they want to devote to mails
and how much to their programs, webpages etc.

Thanks a lot and bye.

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