Hi Jonas,

I've installed vpopmail-5.0-1.i386.rpm and I did ownership changes because
messages could not be transferred to the user mailbox because of write

My concern is that vpopmail will always set those user:group when using
vadddomain/vadduser even if it works fine. I was wondering if we could force
him to use vpopmail:vchkpw for the domains directory. I think that I may
have a problem later on this issue if this isn't properly setup now and
obviously because I don't know where those user:group are issued from.

Thanks, Al

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De : Jonas Pasche [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoyé : dimanche 16 mars 2003 17:11
Objet : Re: [vchkpw] Ownership question about VPOPMAIL

Hi Al,

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] vpopmail]# ll domains
> total 3
> drwx------    5 530      7798         1024 fév 23 15:21 mydomain1.com
> drwx------    3 530      7798         1024 fév 23 15:12 mydomain2.com
> drwx------    3 530      7798         1024 fév 23 15:12 mydomain3.com
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] vpopmail]#
> My mail server works fine with qmail however I don't know why
> vadddomain/vadduser use 530:7798

Did you transfer the vpopmail binaries from another machine? Or did your
local UIDs change, but you did not update the vpopmail status?

If you're unsure, recompile to let vpopmail find out it's UIDs again,
and it will tell you these UIDs at the end of the ./configure run.


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