Hi Al,

> I've installed vpopmail-5.0-1.i386.rpm

There is no official RPM of that name, and 5.0 isn't the latest stable
version. Download the sources of 5.2.1 and try again.

> My concern is that vpopmail will always set those user:group when using
> vadddomain/vadduser even if it works fine. I was wondering if we could force
> him to use vpopmail:vchkpw for the domains directory.

vpopmail sets the _numerical_ UID that it got for vpopmail/vchkpw at
compile time. A binary RPM is likely to have different UIDs than your
system, if either you or the RPM cooker doesn't use the "default" IDs of

> I think that I may
> have a problem later on this issue if this isn't properly setup now and
> obviously because I don't know where those user:group are issued from.

Simply throw away the RPM, get the actual sources, and start again.


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