Hi list,

I'm new to the list, mainly because I've been messing
with this problem for the better half of the day so I
decided to seek help..I'm sure this is one of those
problems with an easy answer so here goes:
...everything is getting delivered
to my domain and to the correct users, and is being
delivered to their ~/Maildir/new directory.
Authorization works whenever I use vadduser located in
the vpopmail/bin directory. The messages are in
~/Maildir/new, while vpopmail is looking for them in
vpopmail/domains/grinc.org/user/ , so since nothing is
there, it reports a successful mail check but does not
download anything. So I guess the only solution is to
either have qmail put the messages in
/home/vpopmail/domains/grinc.org/user OR have vpopmail
check the user's Maildir located in /home/user/Maildir
which would be what I prefer to do (I think it would
be much more desirable to keep the actual mail
messages in the home directory of the user they belong
So any help in making vpopmail check the right message
directory would be greatly appreciated.

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