We are investigating the procedure of moving our current mail server to
newer (and perhaps more stable) hardware. (The current server expereinces
random reboots, which are frustrating to say the least.)

Our current configuration is a fBSD 4.2 machine running qmail+vpopmail using
tcp.smtp.cdb file rather than db based tcp.smtp.cdb. The vpopmail DBs are
located on another server that will not be upgraded, but be reused by the
new server.

We plan on setting up a new complete server, taking some down time to backup
the existing vpopmail mail store (via tar?) restoring that on the new
server, and then bringing up the new server.

I am looking for someboy that has done this before to provide me with any
gotchas that we might encounter.

Here are some of the key points I for see:

1) backing up the current vpopmail store and restoring that on the new
server and making sure the permissions are correctly assigned on the new

2) contents of tcp.smtp file (whitelists for RBLSMTPd, etc...)

3) anything else I am missing?

I am going to write up the entire process to make sure we don't miss
anything, but I was alos looking for some input on some of things that I
might be missing, or not seeing.

Any help is appreciated,

Tom Walsh

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