exec ${CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh} ./configure  --enable-roaming-users=y
--enable-clear-passwd=y --enable-ip-alias-domains=y --no-create
--no-recursion ;;

While file would you like to see the output of in /var/log/qmail?  There
are several files there.  Yes, I did follow LWQ


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Subject: RE: [vchkpw] Strange problems with adding a new domain

Hi hondaman,

please read:


> 1.  I don't know my /configure line.  I installed it about 5 months 
> ago. Version 5.2.1

If you still have the source tree in place, look into config.status.

> 4.  under /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-send/log there is no log, but a 
> run file and supervise directory.  Which would you like to see?

Look into /var/log/qmail, if you installed following "Life with qmail".


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