Hi Samuel,

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:37:25 +0100 Samuel Hug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> http://qmail.org/top.html#checkpassword
>> Check out the hints by Mark Delany right at the top of the section.

> I've tried this, works great! And also the logfile shows up with the 
> corresponding message:
> Mar 18 10:49:06 zeus vpopmail[666]: vchkpw: login success [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

Good news. Your authentication "works in general".

> Next thing i've done is testing the smtp server via the command line, 
> and this shows me an error which i can't retrace:
> Out of memory (Needed 8164 bytes)
> vmysql: sql error[3]: MySQL client run out of memory454 oops, problem 
> with child and I can't auth (#4.3.0)
> The system itself has enough free memory, and i also wonder why there 
> are no such problems when i try to login manually as mentioned above.

When you try to "log in manually" you don't actually log in somewhere
you only test the password checker.

The error message is quite clear, albeit I must confess: not it's

Are you, by any chance, running the qmail-smtpd process under control of
"softlimit" or do you have "ulimit"s applied???

Something 's limiting the memory available to smtpd-process, and of
course this limitation is applied to the sub process "vchkpw" too.
vchpw tries to connect to the database and execute a query. This query
fails. 'sql error[3]' can be cound in 'vmysql.c' in vpopmai sources and
it's "thrown" when the query failed.
so make sure there's not only enough free memory available, but also
'tcpserver', 'qmail-smtpd' and 'vchkpw' have access to it.

If in doubt post your _complete_ qmail-smtpd startup script and the
output of 'ulimit -a'

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