Hi Jeff,

> The problem we have is that spamassassin commands in .qmail-default are 
> only analyzing emails that are addressed to one of the real pop accounts - 
> it is not analyzing emails addressed to an alias for either a local or 
> remote email account. 

These aliases are handled by qmail-local _before_ vpopmail pops in.
qmail-local checks for .qmail-<username> for a given address, and only
if it doesn't find it, it calls .qmail-default which is then executing
your filter and delivering mails to POP accounts.

I'd suggest to use qmail-scanner to filter all mails on a per-server
basis. Actually, it's not filtering, only marking for further
inspection. I then have the following in my .qmail files:

|condredirect [EMAIL PROTECTED] 822field X-Spam-Flag > /dev/null


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