On Tuesday, March 18, 2003, at 11:17 AM, hondaman wrote:
I was using simply hondaman as the username.  I just switched to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and I was able to retrieve my mail. However, a
couple questions still remain:

Why, when it was just "hondaman" as username for the domain fast-us.org,
was I getting a duplicate email for every incoming email sent to my
original account, hardcs.com?

"hondaman" is either an actual account on the machine (in /etc/passwd), or your POP/IMAP server is setup to use a particular virtual domain as the default for logins that don't specify a domain.

When using vpopmail to do virtual domains, you need to include the domain name in the username you use to pick up mail from the server. That's the only way the POP/IMAP server can know what domain the user belongs to.

Tom Collins

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