Actually, I am currently working on the same thing (moving an
entire IMail 6 on Win2K Pro to vpopmail on FreeBSD) and came up with an
interesting way to migrate people over.

        We're using IMail's internal user database, and this may or may
not work if you're using an external database or the NT one.  (I've only
dealt with IMail at two different places, and both used the internal
IMail database.)  As always, YMMV.

        I found a neat little utility that can be run from the command
line on Win2000 to export the usernames and passwords of all IMail users
on all domains.  Each domain goes into its own text file.  It's supposed
to export in several formats (CSV, or having columns for each thing
starting at a fixed place, etc.)  Never could make CSV work, but I was
able to use fixed-width fields.

        I then conjured up a shell script into which you can cat(1) the
text file (just remove the first line with the field names, and the last
one with the _alias user.)  This script would extract (using a hack of
commands) the usernames and passwords, then call vadduser to add their
accounts (including username, password, and GECOS fields.)

        Only problems I have had with this method:  Users who have
their mail forwarded are created on the new server, but their mail isn't
forwarded.  For me, this isn't a problem, since I can scroll through
there and spot-check them, then manually (through qmailadmin) set up
those who need it.  No biggie.  Also, aliases aren't converted, so you
have to do those by hand.  (We don't have many aliases either.)  Lists
are also a manual thing, but we have very few of those.

        If you have alot of aliases/lists/forwarded accounts, this
could be a major pain.  There might be a better way that I missed, but
this one works fine for my purposes and beats typing it all out by hand
for sure! :)

        If anyone's interested in this please E-Mail me directly and
let me know.  (I'm not at work right now, and I'd have to be there to
find the exact names of the software I used.)  I can send you the link
to the software and a copy of the script, etc.  Call it a dirty hack,
but it works.  However, YMMV.


Unless the network is lying to me again, Vladimir Kabanov said:
> export to LDIF and then parse that file
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