On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 07:56, Rob Short wrote:
> I have a client asking me to act as a sort of bypass for their mail. I
> have spam and virus checking installed using spamassassin and trophie,
> and need to forward all users that come in addressed to a certain domain
> to another. They add and delete up to 20 users a day, but they don't
> want to have to add and delete them on their server *and* on my server. 
> i.e., I receive a mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED], and I need to forward it to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], but I can't have vpopmail look to see if
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] exists on my server - it just needs to know that
> "this.com" exists, and all users are valid for that domain. The client
> will handle that on their mailserver when I forward them the mail. Is
> there a way to do this with vpopmail? I'm using qmail with maildrop,
> BTW.

You don't need vpopmail to forward domains, just add the domain in 
and add a route in smtproutes:

I do this at vfemail.net.  (Of course, if you're not using qmail-scanner
to call SpamAssassin and Trophie, the email won't get scanned.)

Does the qmail-smtpd patch work for that kind of setup?  No users would
exist for that domain...


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