I wanted to confirm what was the best way to implement spam assassin with a 
qmail/vpopmail/qmailadmin setup.

Somebody else had set this up a while ago - I think it is working but I'm not sure if 
it is affecting other mail deliveries.

Basically I have spam assassin installed and I have a .qmail-default in every domain 
folder on my server.  It looks  like this:

| /var/qmail/bin/preline -d /var/qmail/bin/bouncesaying "[message to bounce back if 
not SPAM]"
| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ' ' bounce-no-mailbox

Does this look like it should work okay with spam assassin?  I notice others 
.qmil-default files look a little different.  This was set up to handle all spam on a 
domain basis.


John McGivern

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