On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Rob Gridley wrote:

> I realize this topic has been beaten to death, but I've decided to keep on
> poking it anyhow. It also might be a little OT. I wasn't able to find
> anything in the list archives similar to this, so I decided to post it in
> case it's useful to someone.

Not to steal your thread, but oops...  Technically OT, but there's really
no other place to do it.  And since it seems more and more people are
needing *something* to filter spam just to be on a level playing field
with other providers, there's no harm in getting some SA info in the

Can anyone running SA on a per-user or per-domain basis speak to how this
is scaling for you?  Say you're running spamd on another box (or two, or
three), how many users have you been able to squeeze on one box?  For sake
of argument, say the box is a dual-proc PIII 1GHz that is only running
vpopmail/qmail handling only incoming mail.  Are you getting 2,000
accounts comfortably?  5,000?  10,000?  Do these numbers hold up when
you're being attacked by a spammer doing a dictionary run or other evil

I'm not too interested in the qmail-scanner approach, that's too much perl
in the heart of the mail system.

I think it would be beneficial to all involved to have some people post
what type of density they can get on modern hardware.



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