cp -R /sites/home/vpopmail/domains/*

vconvert -c -m

Only results in
"converting domain conversion failed"

Is there something I have to do before hand that I am not aware of? I can
add new domains and they all go where they are supposed to go adding the
correct information to /var/qmail/users /var/qmail/control and vpopmail.*
but once I get to conversion.... nothing!

And this is a machine with 1 virtual domain. I am already having nightmares
about getting to the  machine with 250 domains.

Thanks for the help,


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> To: Wil Hatfield - HVHM Customer Care in vpop
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> Hello Wil,
> On Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 8:37:28 PM you wrote (at least in
> part):
> > I am sure it has already been covered but I couldn't find
> exactly what I was
> > looking for so here we go again.
> > I need to import from the old cdb version that Vpopmail used to the new
> > MySQL. New to us anyways. The tricky part is that the old user base was
> > located at /sites/home/vpopmail/domains and the new location will be
> > /sites/http/ by using the -u switch.
> > Could someone point me in the direction of a resource that may
> be modifiable
> > in this fashion? It would be most appreciated.
> Try copying
> /sites/home/vpopmail/domains/*
> to
> /sites/http/
> and use the 'vconvert' tool provided with vpopmail.
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