Will do, thanks Michael, and thanks for the cookbook, very thorough.

At 02:49 PM 03-21-2003, Michael Bowe wrote:
Hi Paul
I would suggest that you turn on debugging in qmail-scanner and
also spamassassin
Both generate some pretty detailed logs, so then you could grep
the logs for the "stuck" files that you found
You can turn on debugging in spamc/spamd by adding the -D parameter
to the startup command (Then look in the /var/log/maillog)

Debugging is enableable in qmail-scanner by setting $DEBUG='1' in
the qmail-scanner.pl file (Then look in /var/spool/qmailscan/qmail-queue.log)

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Subject: [vchkpw] spamassassin problem

hey there, this is only peripherally related to vpopmail - only in that i'm running vpopmail.

i'm trying to get spamassasin going. i've used michael bowe's excellent cookbook, although i'm on solaris and not linux. i've worked around a known syslog bug, and can turn on spamassasin checking without it bailing. the problem is this - for some reason, some messages are not getting delivered. the /var/spool/qmailscan/working/new directory gradually accumulates messages that don't get delivered --

drwxrwx---    2 qmailq   qmail        2048 Mar 21 13:11 ./
drwxrwx---    5 qmailq   qmail         512 Mar  5 15:11 ../
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     43763 Mar 21 12:30 POP104827865342615041
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     38265 Mar 21 12:35 POP104827895842615747
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     78372 Mar 21 12:36 POP104827897442615782
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     43763 Mar 21 12:37 POP104827905342615998
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     57883 Mar 21 12:38 POP104827910042616102
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles    165298 Mar 21 12:38 POP104827910742616110
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles    168095 Mar 21 12:38 POP104827911842616116
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles    167970 Mar 21 12:38 POP104827911842616118
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     84622 Mar 21 12:39 POP104827917542616200
-rw-------    1 qmailq   nofiles     84031 Mar 21 12:39 POP104827917542616203
etc etc

i'm at a loss - and of course, not happy that i have this chunk of messages i now have to figure out how to get to the customers.

i've set resource limits very high, so that shouldn't be the problem. the configs are to tag the subject line, so everything should be delivered.

Paul Theodoropoulos
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Paul Theodoropoulos
The Nicest Misanthrope on the Net

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