I seem to have two messages stuck in the queue: 

d97# qmailctl stat
/service/qmail-send: up (pid 67194) 419 seconds
/service/qmail-send/log: up (pid 67195) 419 seconds
/service/qmail-smtpd: up (pid 67198) 419 seconds
/service/qmail-smtpd/log: up (pid 67199) 419 seconds
messages in queue: 2
messages in queue but not yet preprocessed: 0
/service/qmail-pop3d: up (pid 68084) 1 seconds
/service/qmail-pop3d/log: up (pid 68085) 1 seconds

There is only one user on the system which I have been testing with, 
and all mail to that user has been collected. Am I correct in saying 
that these are mail system notices?? I have done the following:

d97# echo [EMAIL PROTECTED] > /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-root
d97# echo [EMAIL PROTECTED]> /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-postmaster
d97# ln -s .qmail-postmaster /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-mailer-daemon
d97# chmod 644 /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-root /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-

and checked my bigpond.net.au mail and received no messages. How do I 
free up those 2 messages in the queue? Thanks!


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